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KDX Automated Modular Test System

The KD Optics KDX1000 modular test system is intended for use both as a laboratory instrument and as production test equipment. The unit features a mainframe with power meter controller with capacity for multimode, singlemode and visible light sources. When used as a production test system, the test software allows full automation, giving the operator a totally hand-free test environment, with the test sequence and results stored in an Access database.

Available options include LED or laser, single or dual, cooled or uncooled along with Insertion loss and return loss measurements.




Modular test system

Single or dual sources

Multimode and singlemode options

High repeatability

Insertion loss and return loss

Several software options allow automated testing

Laboratory or Production environment

Results stored in Access database

Speeds up testing time

Cooled 635nm Visible option

 KDX1000 Test System Specifications


 KDX 1000 Automated test system

 Source Wavelength

 850nm and 1300nm multimode, 1310nm and 1550nm singlemode

 Source type

 Multimode - LED or Laser, singlemode - Laser, cooled or uncooled

 Output level

 -20dBm LED, -3dBm laser


 ± 0.05dB / hour at 23° C

 Spectral FWHM

 Typical 3nm singlemode, 50nm multimode

 Stabilisation time

 15 minutes from power up

 Optical connector

 Standard FC/PC, APC for return loss unit

 Power meter wavelength

 850nm / 1300nm / 1310nm / 1550nm standard

 Measurement range

 +10 to -70dBm

 Measurement Accuracy

 ± 5% at 23° C


 4 Digit custom, displays dBm, dB, Watts, wavelength



 Optical Connector

 adapter caps for FC/PC, ST, SC, Diamond etc.

 Return Loss Module

 70dB (singlemode)

 Automated software

 Multimode patchcord testing, singlemode patchcord testing and long term testing (logging) software available

 Temperature range

 0 - 50° C

 Case style

 19" rack, modular


 RS232 standard

 Power requirement

 230V ac 50/60 Hz

KDX1000 Test System Ordering information

KDX1000 Power meter including mainframe.
KDX0850 850nm LED, stabilised source.
KDX1300 1300nm LED, stabilised source.
KDX8513 850nm / 1300nm LED, dual stabilised source.
KDX1310 1310nm Laser, stabilised source.
KDX1550 1550nm Laser, stabilised source.
KDX1315 1310 / 1550nm Laser, stabilised source.
KDX1310C 1310nm Laser, cooled stabilised source.
KDX1550C 1550nm Laser, cooled stabilised source.
KDX1315C1310 / 1550nm Laser, cooled stabilised source.
KDX1315R Return loss option.
KDX0635 Visible laser source (cooled).
KDXALTSM Automated Loss Test Software Multimode.
KDXALTSS Automated Loss Test Software Singlemode.
KDXALTSL Automated Loss Test Software Logging.



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