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HP E6000C Mini OTDR

The mini OTDR is the primary workhorse in an optical network installation and maintenance. Today's Mini OTDR must provide the capability to resolve and measure closely spaced events, accurately characterise the fibre and make fast measurements. It should be small and lightweight, straightforward and easy to use.

In all these areas, the HP E6000C Mini OTDR sets exceptional standards.




Main features:

  • High dynamic range - 40dB
  • Automatic event adjustment
  • Automatic fibre characterisation
  • Front connector check
  • Built-in multi fibre test
  • Compliant to Bellcore GR-196-CORE standard
  • Fibre break locator mode
  • Stabilised continuous wave (CW) source
  • Full remote control
  • Minimum sampling resolution - 8cm
  • Simple one button operation
  • 15 seconds power up cycle
  • Context sensitive on-line help
  • Small and light: < 2.8kg


Pinpoint distance resolution
Combining an unbeatable sample spacing with up to 16000 points, the HP E6000A allows you to pinpoint event location with a new order of precision. In addition, the HP E6000A lets you concentrate all the data points in a specific section of fibre by selecting the start position of the acquisition range. You have high resolution even when you're working at the end of a long fibre. With the automatic event adjustment, you can enter the distance of a feature and the HP E6000A will then automatically compute the corresponding refractive index. This helps to eliminate unknown effects like cabling factors and the uncertainty of the refractive index. The HP E6000A's high dynamic range helps greatly in improving the accuracy and speed of your measurements. For a given link loss, a smaller pulse width can be used to produce better resolution.

Measurements within seconds
Within seconds of powering up, the HP E6000A is ready for business. Its one-button, automatic operation makes it a simple task to take a measurement and receive instant feedback on your link. Even untrained users can make Mini-OTDR measurements with ease, while experienced operators can perform quick fibre characterisation for troubleshooting. With the press of one button, the HP E6000A automatically selects the best possible measurement and analyzes the results. It then presents a complete table of measurement results, including the location, insertion loss and reflectance of all events on the fibre.

Dynamic range speeds up fibre characterization
The higher the dynamic range (for a given pulse width), the faster the required signal-to-noise ratio is reached and the quicker a problem is minimized. With its ultra high dynamic range, the HP E6000A Mini-OTDR speeds fault location considerably. The instrument not only lets you look at longer distances, but it helps reduce the time it takes to determine a given event accurately.

Intuitive user interface
The HP E6000A's intuitive user interface makes the instrument easy to use, no matter what the experience level of the operator. Combined with the easy-to-read 7.2 in (18.3cm) color LCD, this interface helps speed measurements and reduces training time to a minimum. Context-sensitive on-line help is there at a keystroke.

Real-time acquisition
When you're using the HP E6000A Mini-OTDR in real-time mode to achieve optimal setup, the instrument gives you instant feedback on changes as you make them (e.g. wavelength, pulsewidth, and span). These parameters can be set on-line and the measurement result seen instantly. As a result, the ideal parameters for a particular measurement can be found very quickly. The real-time mode is especially useful when adjusting connectors, providing you with instant feedback on the insertion loss and reflectance values.

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